Connect MessageBird WhatsApp to Rasayel


  • Please do not skip any step, to ensure that the connection is successful.
  • Please make sure you have your MessageBird WhatsApp Channel ID and Namespace ID. This would've likely been provided to you by the MessageBird team via email during your application process. If you don't have this information, please contact MessageBird Support.

Step 1: MessageBird WhatsApp account + Rasayel subscription

First, make sure you have a WhatsApp account with MessageBird. If you don't, read this:

How to Apply for a MessageBird WhatsApp Account

Step 2: Add MessageBird WhatsApp channel

In your Rasayel dashboard, Select Channels, and then click on WhatsApp MessageBird:‌


You should see the following:


Step 3: Copy MessageBird API settings into Rasayel

3.1. In MessageBird, navigate to your Dashboard Developers section:


3.2. From API settings, copy your Signing Key:


3.3. From API access, copy your API Key. You can copy the existing Live API Key, or click on Add Access Key to create a new one specifically for Rasayel:


3.4. Paste these into your Rasayel WhatsApp setup page:


Step 4: Copy MessageBird WhatsApp account details into Rasayel

For this step, you'll need the MessageBird WhatsApp account confirmation email at hand. It may look somewhat like this:


Copy your Number, Channel ID, and Namespace ID, and paste them into the Rasayel setup page from step 2:


Click on Save settings.

That's it!

Your MessageBird WhatsApp account is now connected to Rasayel.