Connect Google Business Messages to Rasayel


  1. Make sure you have a Business Profile on Google. If you don't, please read this → Add or claim your Business Profile on Google
  2. Verify your business on Google

Step 1: Add Google Business Messages channel

In Rasayel, select Channels, and then click on Google Business Messages:


Step 2: Give your channel a friendly name


Step 3: Connect you Google My Business Account

3.1 Click on "Connect Google My business" and follow the authorization steps


3.2 Choose an account


3.3 Allow Rasayel access your Google Account


Step 4: Fill in your Brand information


Step 5: Create an agent for your brand


Click "Save".

It will take a few seconds to create an agent.

Step 6: You will be directed to the "Launch" step


You can use an URL to test your agent from your phone to see what your agent will look like to your customers and try Rasayel inbox. There are different URLs for Android and iOs devices.

Step 7: Update your channel information (if needed)

  1. After testing your agent you can update your information (e.g. Welcome message or a logo). You can do that by going back to the Brand information step.
  2. Make sure your business data is correct before proceeding to next steps, because you can not update channel information after requesting verification.

Step 8: Launch

Press "Launch" to let your customers see the message button on your Google Business profile.

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 Your Google Business Messages account is now connected to Rasayel. You can send and receive GBM messages in your Intercom inbox.